iOS 12サポートのほか、いくつかの改良点と修正点をしたiOSアプリ「Pixelmator for iOS 2.4.3」リリース

Pixelmator for iOSApp Store

Pixelmator Team より、iOS 12サポートのほか、いくつかの改良点と修正点をしたiOSアプリ「Pixelmator for iOS 2.4.3」(App Store)がリリースされています。






iOS 12サポートのほか、いくつかの改良点と修正点をしたほかに、新しいiPhone XSとiPhone XS MaxでDistortツールを使用すると、画像に透明な領域が作成されるそうです。


Pixelmator for iOS 2.4.3 新機能

​This update makes Pixelmator compatible with iOS 12 and adds a few additional improvements and fixes.

  • Added several new aspect ratios to the Crop tool.
  • To make it easier to rasterize non-image layers, Convert into Pixels is now available as an option in various popovers.
  • Image thumbnails in various places in Pixelmator for iOS would be displayed as solid grey. Fixed.
  • When tapping and holding a layer, the delay before drag & drop is activated has been increased.
  • Drag & drop will no longer be activated when you hold a layer in place if you’ve already moved it.
  • The Undo button has been moved slightly to the right to prevent accidentally exiting to the gallery.
  • The tappable area of the buttons in the toolbar has been increased to prevent accidentally hiding it.
  • When saving a copy of an image to the Photos app, the original format will be preserved (however, when saving to the same image, JPEG will still be used as is required by iOS).
  • Save to Photos will no longer be shown as an option if the imported image was created on another device and it would not be possible to overwrite the original.
  • Using the Distort tools on the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max would create transparent areas in the image. Fixed.
  • Pixelmator for iOS would sometimes stop responding when opening the gallery while syncing with iCloud. Fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause Pixelmator for iOS to quit unexpectedly when creating images from the Photos app.
  • Added a few other fixes to prevent Pixelmator for iOS from quitting unexpectedly.



カテゴリ: 写真/ビデオ
掲載時の価格: ¥240
iOS 9.1以降。iPhone、iPad、およびiPod touchに