iPhone Xをサポートしたプライベートメッセンジャーアプリ「Signal 2.19.4」リリース

Signal - Private MessengerApp Store
Signal - Private Messenger

Open Whisper Systems より、iPhone Xをサポートしたプライベートメッセンジャーアプリ「Signal 2.19.4」(App Store)がリリースされています。







iPhone Xをサポートしたほかに、iOS 11.2に関する問題(キーボードレイアウト、連絡先の名前が断続的に消えてしまう問題)を解決したほかに、まれにメッセージドラフトが消えてしまう問題やiOS 11上でカメラロールに画像を保存されない問題が解決されています。


Signal 2.19.4 の新機能

  • Fixed an iOS 11.2 issue around keyboard layout.
  • Fixed an iOS 11.2 issue where contact names could intermittently disappear.
  • Faster message processing and more efficient network usage.
  • Signal has been fully updated to support the iPhone X.
  • We revamped our layout code to improve performance and flexibility. Everything should feel smoother and more refined.
  • Additional messages now appear automatically when you scroll to the top of a conversation. You won’t need to tap on the “Load Earlier Messages” link ever again (and you also can’t because it’s gone).
  • “Jumbomoji” have arrived. Emoji characters are visibly larger in messages that do not contain any other text. Your thumbs-up sign has never looked better.
  • Although we can’t fix the weak WiFi in the corner of the coffee shop, we made it a whole lot easier to spot failed messages and to send them again.
  • A “Tap For More” option makes navigating extraordinarily long messages much more pleasant.
  • Quickly send photos, files, or GIFs using a newly simplified interface. Attachment previews are displayed directly in the message bar instead of on a separate confirmation screen.
  • Users with external keyboards can send messages using Shift+Return or Cmd+Return. Reaching up and tapping the send icon remains an option for anyone who reminisces about the past.
  • The list of supported languages has expanded to include Burmese, Hebrew, and Persian. We sincerely appreciate the volunteer translators whose efforts made this possible.
We said farewell to the following bugs:
  • Under rare circumstances, message drafts could mysteriously vanish.
  • Adjacent message statuses behaved incorrectly after deleting a message.
  • Users who were simultaneously running the desktop version of Signal could receive redundant notifications.
  • Edit items might be missing from the long-press menu.
  • The input toolbar could remain raised even when no keyboard was visible.
  • Recently sent messages sometimes reappeared after being deleted.
  • Some users on iOS 11 were unable to save images to their Camera Roll.



Signal – Private Messenger
カテゴリ: ソーシャルネットワーキング
掲載時の価格: 無料
iOS 8.0 以降。iPhone、iPad、および iPod touch に対応。