Apple Developer:開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview Release 47」リリース

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple より、開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview Release 47」がリリースされています。







Spectreの脆弱性に対する対策が施されたほかに、Storage Access APIが実装されています。

W3C:Storage Access API from John Wilander on 2018-01-09 ( from January 2018)

また、メディア、レンダリング、Web Inspector、Clipboard APIに関する修正と改善が行われています。

Apple DeveloperダウンロードページもしくはMac App Storeよりアップデート可能です。


Safari Technology Preview Release 47

Storage Access API

  • Enabled allowing requests from non-sandboxed <iframes>
  • Implemented frame-specific access in the document.cookie layer
  • Made document.hasStorageAccess() retrieve the current status from the network process
  • Refactored XPC for access removal to go straight from the web process to the network process

Service Workers

  • Added support for response blob given to fetch events
  • Changed extracting a body of type Blob to set the Content-Type to null instead of an empty string
  • Changed to use “error” redirect mode for fetching service worker scripts
  • Changed the Service Worker script fetch request to set the Service-Worker header
  • Changed Service Worker to not clean HTTP headers added by the application or by Fetch specification before Service Worker interception
  • Fixed the default scope used when registering a service worker
  • Fixed the Service Worker Registration promise sometimes not getting rejected when the script load fails
  • Fixed Service Worker served response tainting to keep its tainting
  • Fixed scopeURL to start with the provided scriptURL
  • Fixed self.importScripts() to obey updateViaCache inside service workers
  • Fixed Fetch handling to wait for the Service Worker’s state to become activated
  • Fixed SameOrigin and CORS fetch to fail on opaque responses served from a Service Worker
  • Fixed memory cache to not reuse resources with a different credential fetch option
  • Prevented searching for service worker registration for non-HTTP navigation loads
  • Supported Service Worker interception of a request with blob body


  • Enabled picture-in-picture from an inline element on suspend
  • Fixed playing media elements which call “pause(); play()” getting the play promise rejected
  • Implemented <iframe allow=”camera; microphone”>


  • Fixed elements animated on-screen that are sometimes missing
  • Fixed setting the fePointLights color
  • Fixed the color of the bottom right pixel of feDiffuseLighting
  • Fixed SVG lighting colors to be converted into linearSRGB
  • Updated the SVG use element’s shadow trees explicitly before the style recall

Web Inspector

  • Enabled the Canvas Tab by default
  • Improved open time performance when enumerating system fonts
  • Fixed Command-Option-R (⌘⌥R) in the docked inspector causing Web Inspector to reload instead of the inspected page
  • Fixed the URL filter in the Network Tab to be case-insensitive like filter bars in other tabs
  • Fixed mis-sized waterfall graphs in the Network Tab after closing the detail view
  • Redesigned the waterfall popover showing timing data in the Network Tab table
  • Updated the Time column in the Network Tab table to include the total duration not just the download duration
  • Added an inline swatch for CSS variables in the Styles sidebar
  • Added support for typing a semicolon at the end of a value to move to the next property in the Styles sidebar
  • Enabled Command-S (⌘S) to save changes in the matching CSS resource in the Styles sidebar
  • Fixed selecting text in the Styles sidebar to not add new properties
  • Implemented clicking above the selector to prepend a new property in the Styles sidebar

Clipboard API

  • Fixed isSafari runtime check to enable custom clipboard types and clipboard data sanitization in Safari Technology Preview
  • Fixed not being able to paste images on Gmail
  • Reverted blob URL conversions in pasted contents for LegacyWebKit clients

Bug Fix

  • Avoided waking plugin process up unnecessarily