Apple Developer:「Safari Technology Preview Release 45」リリース

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple は、開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview Release 45」がリリースされています。







レンダリング、JavaScript、CSS、Web API、メディア、Web Inspector、アクセシビリティに関する修正と改善が行われています。


Release 45


  • Corrected the computed style in pseudo-elements with display:contents
  • Changed to reset the SVG scrolling anchor if the fragmentIdentifier does not exist or is not provided
  • Fixed the available height for positioned elements with box-sizing:border-box
  • Fixed long pressing a phone number with spaces to result in a data detectors sheet instead of a link sheet
  • Fixed compositing layers to use accelerated drawing when navigating back to a page
  • Fixed Flexbox issues with display:contents by no longer eliminating the whitespace renderer if the previous sibling is a text renderer
  • Fixed missing contents of composited overflow-scroll when newly added
  • Fixed content not getting painted when scrolling an overflow node inside an iframe
  • Fixed FETurbulence SVG filter with stitchTiles
  • Fixed skewed colors in feImage as a filter input
  • Fixed an issue in the FEGaussianBlur SVG filter where the output of the last blur pass wasn’t copied to the result buffer
  • Optimized the FEDisplacementMap SVG filter
  • Optimized the FEMorphology SVG filter
  • Optimized the FEComponentTransfer SVG filter
  • Optimized the FELighting SVG filter
  • Optimized the FETurbulence SVG filter
  • Used vImage to optimize alpha premultiplication and un-premultiplication in FilterEffect


  • Added recursive tail call optimization for polymorphic calls
  • Fixed async iteration to only fetch the next method once
  • Updated module fetching to retry if the previous request fails


  • Fixed continual style re-resolution due to calc() values always comparing as unequal as seen on
  • Fixed display issues in CSS Grid for a child with max-width
  • Enabled display:contents by default
  • Fixed inserting an image, selecting, underlining, and then deleting to remove the typing style with both -webkit-text-decorations-in-effect and text-decoration
  • Prevented mixing stroke-width and stroke-color with their prefixed versions


  • Added support for CanvasPattern.setTransform()
  • Implemented OffscreenCanvas.getContext(“webgl”)
  • Changed XMLHttpRequest to not treat file URLs as same origin
  • Changed FetchLoader to unregister its blob URL


  • Added a FairPlay Streaming based CDM for Modern EME
  • Changed Web Audio’s AnalyserNode.fftSize to allow up to 32768 to match specifications
  • Changed skip back and skip forward buttons to not hard-code their numeric amount in localised strings
  • Fixed play and pause when pressing the space bar while watching a fullscreen video
  • Prevented captions from moving when <video> with no controls is hovered

Web Inspector

  • Added the display of detailed status during canvas recording in the experimental Canvas tab
  • Added showing the internal properties of PaymentRequest in the Console
  • Cleaned up the backtrace in Canvas details sidebar
  • Cleaned up navigation bar dividers and separators
  • Gave the DataGrid table header ContextMenu a section header to better describe its functions
  • Included Beacon loads in the Network table’s “Other” filter
  • Moved console Preserve Log setting from Setting tab to Console navigation bar
  • Added a toggle in the Network tab to control automatically clearing or preserving log across loads
  • Added a HAR Export button to the Network tab
  • Cleaned up the Network tab details view
  • Fixed the Navigation sidebar that would become broken after closing and re-opening the tab
  • Made the connection part thinner in the Network tab waterfall graph
  • Updated the Ignore Caches icon in the Network tab
  • Updated the Clear icon in the Network tab and Console tab
  • Removed Network “Clear on load” from the Settings tab now that Network tab has a toggle for it
  • Prevented adding a new property when clicking on inline swatches and property checkboxes in the Styles sidebar
  • Changed typing colon in the property name field to advance to the value field in the Styles sidebar
  • Fixed the clipped shadow of the selector’s field in the Styles sidebar
  • Made the selector field inline-block when editing in the Styles sidebar
  • Added undo and redo support for the DOM Tree’s add sibling context menus
  • Removed context menu actions for images which did not work


  • Fixed VoiceOver in Safari to read the table header for the first cell in the first body row
  • Fixed the search predicate to return the text element for plain text instead of the containing group
  • Prevented accessibility from triggering a sync layout while building the render tree on