Apple Developer:「Safari Technology Preview Release 44」リリース

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple は、開発者向け「Safari Technology Preview Release 44」を配布しました。







「parsing conic gradients」の追加、「Payment Request」の初期状態「有効化」、「createImageBitmap()」実装などのほか、WebAPI、CSS、レンダリング、Webインスペクタの修正などが含まれています。

開発者の方は、Apple DeveloperダウンロードページもしくはMac App Storeよりアップデート可能です。


Release 44

Conic Gradients

  • Added support for parsing conic gradients

Payment Request

  • Enabled Payment Request by default
  • Implemented the algorithm for when a user aborts the payment request
  • Restricted Payments Request API use to secure, same-origin frames
  • Changed the show() method to only be called with user activation

Image Bitmap

  • Implemented createImageBitmap() with HTMLCanvasElement
  • Added support for accepting a Settings object in the ImageBitmapRenderingContext constructor and getContext


  • Added basic OffscreenCanvas interface
  • Prevented XMLHttpRequest from sniffing content encoding
  • Added support for the <menuitem> tag, currently off by default at runtime


  • Fixed dynamic media query updates in shadow tree stylesheets
  • Fixed display:contents with dynamic table mutations


  • Fixed a black background showing when over-scrolling with overflow-scrolling-touch
  • Fixed ugly looking text on macOS High Sierra in some CSS specification pages

Web Inspector

  • Added support for enabling and disabling event listeners in the Node details sidebar
  • Grouped DOM Tree context menus into sub-menus
  • Added DOM Tree context menu items for adding new elements and inserting HTML
  • Added a lock indicator in the Domain column of the Network Tab for secure loads
  • Added a context menu item to jump from any resource to its entry in the Network Tab
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a DOM Search Result in the Search Tab suddenly changed tabs
  • Fixed bugs and usability issues present in the Canvases Tab overview
  • Added a backtrace in the Canvases Tab to show where the selected canvas context was created
  • Added a display of all WebGL extensions that are activated for a particular WebGL canvas in the Canvases Tab
  • Added inline preview swatches for image parameters in 2D canvas recordings
  • Changed selecting a recorded Frame in a canvas recording to update the preview slider to reflect the final drawn result of that frame
  • Fixed an issue where the Canvases Tab recording status would fail to update
  • Fixed some usability issues in the experimental Layers Tab
  • Moved the compositing borders and paint flashing buttons from Elements Tab to the experimental Layers Tab if the latter is enabled
  • Enabled the new CSS styles editor by default and made the deprecated Legacy Style Editor available in the Settings tab under Experimental
  • Added many smaller features and bug fixes for the spreadsheet-style CSS editor

Web Driver

  • Fixed an issue that prevented a test from properly simulating a denied getUserMedia request
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from manually resizing an automation window after the session had been cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the mouse move command to use incorrect coordinates in some situations.


  • Fixed UNPACK_FLIP_Y for MSE-backed videos
  • Fixed <video> to respect pointer-events
  • Improved performance of painting <video> to canvas by caching resolved URLs

CSS Grid

  • Changed CSS Grid to avoid clearing the overrideContainingBlockWidth if possible


  • Changed to only allow non-mixed content protected sub-resources to ask for credentials


  • Disallowed HTTP Authentication prompts from within Global Pages, Bars, and Popovers in .safariextz-style Safari Extensions