iPhone Xに対応したパスワード管理アプリ「1Password 7.0」リリース

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AgileBits Inc. より、iPhone Xに対応したパスワード管理アプリ「1Password 7.0」(App Store)がリリースされています。







iPhone Xになり、Face IDに対応しています。また、1Passwordから必要な場所に情報を取得するための新しい方法ユーザー名とパスワードをコピーできる「Quick Copy」機能、iPad版のキーボードショートカット、33%のパフォーマンス向上といった新機能や改善が含まれています。


1Password 7.0 の新機能

# 1Password 7 for iOS: Efficiency Abounds

Welcome one and all to the greatest version of 1Password for iOS we have ever shipped. After many months of work refining new features, polishing existing ones, and generally putting everyone’s favorite password manager under the microscope, we are incredibly excited to share it with you.

## TL;DR

  • Beautifully at home on iPhone X with Face ID.
  • Speedy access to your recently used items on our reinvented Favorites screen.
  • Quick Copy, a new, faster way to get information from 1Password into the places you need it.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for you pros on iPad.
  • 33% performance increase across the board.

## The Latest and Greatest, At Home on the Latest and Greatest

When iPhone X was announced earlier this year we knew we wanted to be there, as always, on day one. Face ID is an absolute game-changer for productivity and efficiency. Simply tap to launch 1Password and Face ID instantly recognizes your face and unlocks. No waiting, no delays; just instant, secure access to your private information.

## All About The Speed

When we started planning 1Password 7 we had one overarching goal in mind: take the ways people use 1Password today and make those workflows sing. The first place we did so was with our new Quick Copy feature. One of the most common uses for 1Password is to copy and paste your username and password into another app when you need to log in. With Quick Copy, 1Password knows when you’ve copied your username so that on your next trip back from pasting that username it puts your password on the clipboard for you automatically. If you’re using 1Password for your two-factor verification codes it will copy that for you on the next return as well.

## Unlocking the Power Of Your Keyboard

For some of us, we’re never more productive than when our hands stay locked on the keyboard. Taking a cue from our big sibling on macOS, we’ve now brought over a bevy of beautiful keyboard shortcuts to 1Password for iOS. Searching, switching tabs, and open and filling items in the browser can now be done with the stroke of a key.

## Much, Much More

Yes, we’ve brought some big ticket changes to 1Password, but many of the little things add up as well. 1Password now unlocks 33% faster and has seen a 400% increase in stability throughout. You can now select and delete multiple items at a time. Our password generator is smoother, more responsive, and easier to use. All in all these little things combine to become an update to 1Password that we’re very, very proud of.



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