Apple Developer:開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview Release 38」リリース

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple は、開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview Release 38」を配布しました。







Fetch API、Web Payments、CSS、Web API、メディア、Apple Pay、Web Inspector、WebDriverに関する修正と改善が含まれている他、デフォルトでBeacon APIが有効になり、新しいBeacon API機能が実装されています。


Release 38

Beacon API

  • Enabled the Beacon API by default as an experimental feature
  • Added support for CORS-preflighting
  • Added support for CORS-preflighting on redirects
  • Added support for connect-src CSP checks on redirects
  • Updated sendBeacon() to rely on FetchBody instead of the whole FetchRequest
  • Changed to use “application/octet-stream” content-type for payloads of ArrayBuffer and ArrayBufferView types

Fetch API

  • Added support for Request keepalive getter
  • Changed Response to keep all ResourceResponse information
  • Implemented quota limitation for keepalive Fetch requests

Web Payments

  • Enabled Payment Requests as an experimental feature


  • Added support for parsing of the font-display property
  • Implement caret-color support
  • Added a fast path for rotate() and rotateZ() transform parsing
  • Fixed parsing of <meta http-equiv=refresh> to allow time starting with a ‘.’ without a leading 0
  • Fixed a hit testing issue occurring when an SVG rect element with a non-default stroke style applied


  • Added support for considering file extensions in the accept attribute of HTML file input elements
  • Improved support for referrer policies
  • Fixed the Promise resolve and reject function to have a length of 1
  • Fixed an early error on an ANY operator before
  • Fixed removing an empty <li> element when inside a table cell
  • Fixed XHR to only fire an abort event if the cancellation was requested by the client


  • Fixed deleting the old subtitle track on src attribute change event

Apple Pay

  • Added support for phonetic contact names

Web Inspector

  • Added Canvas path preview when viewing a recording
  • Changed clicking on an autocomplete suggestion to apply it, not dismiss it
  • Removed text-shadow and gradient backgrounds
  • Updated the filter icon in the styles sidebar


  • Added support for interacting with <option> and <select> elements using the element click command
  • Added support for uploading files via <input type=file>
  • Fixed a timeout when a JavaScript alert is shown in onload handler
  • Implemented “normal” and “eager” page load strategies from the W3C specification
  • Updated code to use in-view center points for clicks and other automation logic