Apple Developer:開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview 37」配布

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple は開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview 37」を配布しました。







Web API、JavaScript、WebAssembly、CSS、Web Inspector、WebDriver、レンダリング、アクセシビリティの修正や変更のほかに、Apple Payで支払いできるネットワークに「」が追加されました。


Release 37


  • Added initial support for navigator.sendBeacon behind an experimental feature flag
  • Implemented document.elementsFromPoint
  • Made cross-origin properties enumerable
  • Fixed dispatching the click event to the parent when the child target stops hit testing after mouseDown
  • Moved DOMException properties to the prototype and changed to use Error.prototype.toString()


  • Added finally method support to Promise
  • Added support for optional catch binding


  • Reduced the size of generated binaries

Apple Pay

  • Added “carteBancaire” as a supported payment network


  • Aligned quirky number parsing with other browsers

Web Inspector

  • Added a context menu item to the Elements tab for taking a screenshot of a node
  • The debugger now captures async stack traces when web content calls addEventListener
  • Prevented outputting “No message” for multi-value logs like console.log(x, y)
  • Fixed warnings about console.assert lines without semicolons
  • Inlined multiple console log values if they are simple
  • Fixed inspect(aFunction) to jump to the function definition
  • Fixed the page overlay highlight to fade out when a page is constantly updating
  • Fixed some controls overlaying the header in the Settings tab


  • Fixed an issue where implicit navigations didn’t cause a browsing context switch
  • Fixed link and partial link queries if the text link contains trailing or leading whitespaces
  • Fixed an issue that caused some script evaluations to be attributed to the wrong frame


  • Changed to disable async image decoding for large images after the first time a tile is painted
  • Fixed the minimum font size preference to affect absolute line-height values and prevent text lines from overlapping
  • Fixed getting round-trip stroke-width styles causing text to gain a stroke
  • Fixed Reeder’s default font to correctly use San Francisco


  • Fixed zoom to follow the keyboard insertion point
  • Added a background color for the focus state of the icon buttons in the media controls
  • Fixed the incorrect range from index and length on <p> tags with contenteditable
  • Changed to dispatch accessibilityPerformPressAction asynchronously on macOS
  • Fixed silent VoiceOver or skipping over time values on the media player
  • Fixed the web page getting reloaded when a node is labelling multiple child nodes


  • Fixed media controls missing content in fullscreen when the document has a scroll offset
  • Fixed the mouse pointer not hiding during fullscreen playback
  • Fixed pressing the Escape key to not be a valid user gesture to enter fullscreen

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