Apple Developer:「Safari Technology Preview Release 35」配布

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple より、開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview Release 35」が配布されています。







パフォーマンス向上、メディア、Web Inspector、JavaScript、Accessibility、CSSに関する修正と改善が行われています。


Safari Technology Preview Release 35

  • Fixed a 50% regression on MotionMark Suites when extended color support was added
  • Fixed the bug that Speedometer’s score worsens by 40% when accessibility features are enabled
  • Changed image decoding so that when an image appears more than once on a page, decoding to paint one instance repaints them all
  • Fixed a frame rate issue that caused getUserMedia to fail on some machines
  • Fixed allowing media element to update its state when Mission Control closes the fullscreen window
  • Made a change to hide volume controls when AirPlay is active
  • Prevented capturing at unconventional resolutions when using the software encoder
  • Prevented clearing capture mute from clearing audio mute
Web Inspector
  • Added a small delay before showing the progress spinner when loading resources
  • Added a toggle button to the left side of the split console navigation bar
  • Fixed initial search sometimes being performed twice, producing duplicate results
  • Fixed slowness when pausing with a deep call stack by avoiding eagerly generating object previews
  • Flipped all go-to-arrow instances in right-to-left mode
  • Fixed script timeline bubbles that sometimes appear to miss large events
  • Fixed a hang when using “break on all exceptions” throws a stack overflow
  • Improved type token background color in the debugger
  • Cleaned up Object.entries implementation
  • Implemented Object Rest Destructuring
  • Made Object.values faster by writing it in C++
  • Removed Reflect.enumerate
  • Fixed calling setValue() on contenteditable for ARIA text controls
  • Fixed role=”none” or role=”presentation” on an <iframe>
  • Disabled some WebAssembly APIs under CSP
  • Fixed a backward compatibility issue with CryptoKey objects stored in the IndexedDB
Web APIs
  • Fixed a TypeError in the Fetch API when called with body === {}
  • Fixed an issue causing Safari to leave a popup window opened during the beforeunload event
  • Included audio/vnd.wave as a valid mime-type for wav files
  • Added support for structured serialization of CSS Geometry types
  • Fixed @font-face rules with invalid primary fonts never downloading their secondary fonts
  • Fixed applying font features only for the particular type of font they are being applied to
  • Fixed CSS text properties affecting

Safari Technology Preview Release Notes