Apple Developer:開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview 34」配布

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple は、開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview 34」を配布しています。







WebRTC、メディア、JavaScript、セキュリティ、Web Inspector、Web API、WebCrypto、WebAssembly、、レンダリングなどに関する修正と改善が行われています。


Release 34

  • Added WebRTC options to the Developer menu
  • Disabled Legacy WebRTC API in the Experimental Features menu by default
  • Changed behavior to close NetworkProcess WebRTC sockets as soon as the Web Process no longer needs them
  • Added support for receive-only SDP offers through addTransceiver
  • Changed handling capture status based on MediaStreamTrack
  • Changed RTCPeerConnection to return RTCSessionDescriptionInit instead of RTCSessionDescription
  • Fixed a cloned MediaStreamTrack to not mute the other tracks using the same source
  • Fixed RTCPeerConnection getReceivers() to return transceivers that have an active receiver but no active sender
  • Fixed the screen going into sleep mode during WebRTC video
  • Fixed high CPU usage when entering fullscreen or seeking during MSE video playback
  • Fixed seeking during MSE video playback where audio would begin playing long before rendering the video
  • Fixed video flashing black when switching back to a tab
  • Improved media controls rendering for long-loading media files
  • Prevented media elements continuing to load media data after navigation
  • Made Object.assign faster by rewriting it in C++
  • Reduced Structure size
  • Updated RegExp.prototype.[@@search]] implementation according to the latest specifications
  • Fixed PreTypedArray constructor with a string to not throw an exception
  • Applied img-src CSP directive to favicon loads
  • Implemented W3C Secure Contexts Draft Specification
  • Restricted filtered painting across cross-origin boundaries with transforms
  • Added allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox attribute support for <iframe> elements
  • Added Subresource Integrity as an experimental feature
Web Inspector
  • Added grid to image previews to clarify transparency and image size
  • Fixed console message icons that overlap the source location
  • Fixed pretty print, type info, and code coverage buttons disappearing after switching tabs
  • Fixed SVG files and favicon files that don’t display properly
  • Fixed the search highlight not showing up in resources when paused
  • Fixed showing non-shadow children of an element with a shadow root (e.g. <video>)
  • Fixed the meter element not respecting the writing direction
  • Fixed WebGPU contexts to have a back reference to the canvas element
  • Fixed CSS transitions added while page is not visible so they start animating when the page becomes visible
  • Fixed IndexedDB.getAll() use inside a Web Worker
  • Moved SubtleCrypto from the experiemental features menu
  • Removed unsupported AES_CMAC, DH, and CONCAT
  • Fixed several miscellaneous bugs found from web platform tests
  • Added an experimental feature setting for asynchronous frame scrolling
  • Exposed the inline property as an accessibility attribute
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed header rendering incorrectly when initially loaded
  • Fixed scrubbing backward on a YouTube video