Apple Developer:開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview Release 31」配布

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple より、「Safari Technology Preview Release 31」が配布されてます。







Web API、JavaScript、レイアウトとレンダリング、CSS Grid、Web Inspector、Font Variations、メディア、アクセシビリティ、WebDriver、WebCrypto、セキュリティなどに関するバグの修正やパフォーマンス向上などが行われています。



Safari Technology Preview 31 Release Notes

  • Added media and type attribute support for <link rel=”preload”>
  • Added support for DOMMatrix and DOMMatrixReadOnly
  • Fixed getElementById to return the correct element when a matching element is removed during beforeload event
  • Fixed skipping <slot> children when collecting content for innerText
  • Fixed a syntax error thrown when declaring a top level for-loop iteration variable the same as a function parameter
Layout & Rendering
  • Added support for transform-box to switch sizing box in SVG
  • Fixed clientX and clientY on mouse events to be relative to the layout viewport
  • Fixed large animated images getting decoded as a large static image before receiving all of the data
  • Fixed screen flickering caused by asynchronous image decoding for large images when interacting with the page
  • Fixed element position when dragging jQuery Draggable elements with position:fixed after pinch zoom
  • Fixed a timing issue causing a hardware-accelerated transform animation to misplace an element 50% of the time
  • Implemented the place-self shorthand
  • Fixed static position of positioned grid items
  • Ignored collapsed tracks on content-distribution alignment
Font Variations
  • Added support for calc() in font-variation-settings and font-feature-settings
  • Enabled the woff2-variations format identifier for @font-face
  • Updated the font-style implementation in the font selection algorithm
Web Inspector
  • Added a new icon for Web Socket resources
  • Changed adding new CSS rules so that the added rules go into a new Inspector Style Sheet resource that can be viewed, edited, and saved
  • Fixed an issue where changes are not applied in Styles sidebar when switching tabs without blurring editor
  • Fixed content views not getting restored on reload if its tree element is filtered out
  • Fixed an error when trying to delete DOM breakpoints from the Debugger tab
  • Fixed deleting a disabled XHR breakpoint
  • Fixed miscellaneous RTL and localization issues
  • Prevented loading the active recording until a Timeline view needs to be shown
  • Added support for painting MSE video-element to canvas
  • Fixed captions and subtitles not showing up in picture-in-picture for MSE content
  • Fixed media element reporting hidden when in picture-in-picture mode and tab is backgrounded
Web Driver
  • Fixed characters produced with the shift modifier on a QWERTY keyboard to be delivered as shift-down, char-down, char-up, and shift-up events
  • Fixed navigator.webdriver to return false if the page is not controlled by automation
  • Added support for RSA-PSS
  • Replaced CryptoOperationData with BufferSource
  • Improved error message for Access-Control-Allow-Origin violations due to a misconfigured server

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