Apple Developer:開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview 28」配布

Safari Technology PreviewApple

Apple は、開発者向けに「Safari Technology Preview 28」を配布しています。







JavaScript、Web API、レンダリング、CSS、Web Inspector、メディア、アクセシビリティ、WebDriver、WebCrypto、セキュリティなどに関するバグの修正やパフォーマンス向上などが行われています。


Release 28

Power and Performance
  • Changed to pause silent WebAudio rendering in background tabs
  • Changed to pause animated SVG images on pages loaded in the background
  • Changed to make inaudible background tabs become eligible for memory kill after 8 minutes
  • Changed to kill any WebContent process using over 16 GB of memory
  • DOM Timers are now throttled to 30fps and aligned in cross-origin iframes
  • requestAnimationFrame callbacks are now throttled to 30fps and aligned in cross-origin iframes
  • Adapted content-alignment properties to the new baseline syntax
  • Adapted place-content alignment shorthand to the new baseline syntax
  • Adapted self-alignment properties to the new baseline syntax
  • Fixed scroll offset jumps after a programmatic scroll in an overflow container with scroll snapping
  • Implemented the place-items shorthand
  • Implemented stroke-color CSS property
  • Implemented stroke-miterlimit CSS property
  • Unprefixed CSS cursor values grab and grabbing
  • Fixed objects with gaps between numerical keys getting filled by NaN values
  • Fixed Object.seal() and Object.freeze() on global this
  • Fixed String.prototype.replace to correctly apply special replacement parameters when passed a function
  • Changed _blank, _self, _parent, and _top browsing context names to be case-insensitive
  • Cleaned up touch event handler registration when moving nodes between documents
  • Fixed <input type=”range”> to prevent breaking all mouse events when changing to disabled while active
  • Prevented double downloads of preloaded content from <link preload> when the content is in MemoryCache
  • Fixed WebSocket.send
Web Inspector
  • Added a preference for Auto Showing Scope Chain sidebar on pause
  • Changed the order of Debugger tab sidebar panels: Scope Chain, Resource, Probes
  • Changed XHR breakpoints to be global
  • Changed hierarchical path component labels to guess directionality based on content for RTL layout
  • Fixed RTL alignment of close button shown while docked
  • Fixed RTL layout issues in call frame tree elements and async call stacks
  • Fixed RTL layout issues in the debugger dashboard putting arrows on the wrong side
  • Fixed RTL layout issues in Type Profiler popovers
  • Fixed misplaced highlights in Search results of the Search navigation sidebar for RTL layout
  • Fixed disappearing section when clicking on the body of a CSS rule after editing
  • Fixed showing indicators for hidden DOM element breakpoints in the Elements tab
  • Fixed blank Network tab content view after reload
  • Made “Enter Class Name” text field wider so the placeholder text doesn’t clip
  • Fixed probe values not showing in the Debugger tab sidebar
  • Fixed focusing the Find banner immediately after showing it
  • Fixed showing Source Map Resources in the Debugger Sources list
  • Fixed Styles sidebar warning icon appearing inside property value text
  • Fixed broken tabbing in Styles sidebar when additional “:” and “;” are in the property value
  • Fixed clipped data in WebSockets data grid
  • Fixed staying scrolled to the bottom as new WebSocket log messages get added
  • Included additional pause reason details for DOM “subtree modified” breakpoint
  • Included more Network information in Resource Details Sidebar
  • Included all headers in the Request Headers section of the Resource details sidebar
  • Fixed an issue that prevented non-popup windows from being maximized or resized
  • Fixed an issue that caused previously opened tabs to reopen when Safari was launched in order to run a WebDriver test
  • Exposed a new AXSubrole for the explicit ARIA “group” role
  • Fixed VoiceOver web article navigation with an article rotor for sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Fixed seeks to currentTime=0 if currentTime is already 0
  • Fixed clipping across page breaks when including <caption>, <thead> or <tbody> in a <table>
  • Fixed Japanese fonts in vertical text to support synthesized italics
  • Fixed long Arabic text in ContentEditable with CSS white-space=pre to prevent hangs
  • Fixed overly heavy fonts on by attempting to normalize variation ranges
  • Added support for AES-CTR
  • Changed private browsing sessions to not look in keychain for client certificates
  • Fixed an issue where Safari would throw an exception when evaluating JavaScript ending with an implied return value, where the final statement doesn’t include the return keyword